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"Do not search for happiness. The happiness is choice. Be the source of it".

Mainly, I offer consultations and help as a psychotherapist.

I offer it in form of personal appointments and group workshops.

The appointment in person is possible currently in Estonia, or over the email and Skype.

I speak fluently in English, Russian & Estonian languages.

Using button below you may read my BIO and about my background.

problems and issues with different level of complicity.

I help to understand reasons of physical uselessness & illnesses
as well as finding solutions to make your health better.
I help to understand & eliminate reasons for unhealthy levels of stress and~or depression.

I may help you:
- to learn how to relax & get your emotions under control.
- to get clarity about your needs on all levels.
- to learn how to communicate in healthy balanced way, and create harmonious relationships with family, friends & with colleagues.
- to understand what could be the best professional realization considering your talents & skills.
- to choose personal ways for self transformation & growth.
- to understand your life purpose & ways o fulfill it in the best ways.

The appointments that available in person & over the skype and email are:
- Consultation
- Astrological birth chart
- Relationship forecast & perspectives chart
- Business partnership forecast & perspectives chart
- Angel Card Readings
- Some workshops & courses

The appointments that available ONLY in person 
(in estonia, Tallinn at the moment) are:
- energy healing sessions

The Healing Practice address is 
Telset building, Õismäe tee 57A, Tallinn, Estonia, 13515.
On the door we have our Healing Centre sign. On arrivale please call us on mobile telephone number +372 51993287 so we can open the door for you. You can get to us using bus services.
You require "Kullerkuppu" bus stop, which is in front of the "Maxima xx" supermarket. From bus stop go across the road, then turn right and walk along two 5 floor houses, then turn first left & you will see building with "Telset" sign on it.
The bus 4,10,13,36,42,43,61 is going whole day,21,26,28,45,46,47 only on certain days & times.
Check time tables for more detailed information by clicking sign below.

(as much as possible in advance!)

+372 51993287 (Estonia)


This type of appointment have a purpose discussing and resolving some small to medium level of difficulty (or short term) problem or issue, whether it is to do with physical or emotional health, temporary problem at work, or misunderstandings in communications,
or unclarity about directions in life and so on.

Cleansing and balancing the aura and chakras is essential to making lasting, quality overall health improvements. Energy healing cleansing and balancing techniques maintain good overall physical and subtle body wellness.
- Physical, emotional and mental healing  
- Clarity of focus and purpose
- Releasing of past traumas and negative habits
- Overall harmony in personal relationships
- Deeper spiritual self realization
- Actualization of talents and abilities
- Better memory and strength of character

My readings may help you:
- to understand your deep emotional needs
- to sort out your priorities and goals
- to gain tremendous insight into the current status of your relationship
- to give you insight on a career decision and the possibilities that lie ahead
- to sort out decisions on improving your financial outlook
- to unravel your past so that you can move forward
- to increase your awareness of your situation and suggest possible options
- to empower you to make those difficult changes in your life
- to get focused on most important in your life
- to give you the peace of mind you have been longing for
- to put your heart at ease
- to understand and act upon your life purpose
- to give you self help methods to make your life quality better
and lot more...

This reading is uplifting and empowering and will leave you with the 
feeling that you have more options, insight and peace of mind. 

WHY SOUL PORTRAIT IS CONSIDERED UNIQUE PAINTING? As everyone of us unique individual, so is the Soul Portrait. I guaranty that you will not find anything like it anywhere else. This painting is a positive energy carrier and has healing effect that is relevant personally for you. Additionally, it will be a unusual decoration element in your home or at work place, as well as original and useful gift for your friends or relatives. YOU MAY ORDER HOME OR OFFICE SOUL PORTRAIT. 
This painting can be made with specific purposes and energies that are required in your home or working place.


- Consultant psychotherapist.
- Massage therapist.
- Angelic reiki master & teacher.
- Founder & director of Healing Centre.
- Founder & teacher at Training Centre.
- Founder & teacher at Art Studio.
- an ARTIST & author of Soul Portrait.
- Founder & coordinator of esoterical Library.
- Entrepreneur & author of the training course "Successful entrepreneur in the field of alternative medicine".
- Trainer of "Transformational" game training.
Lecturer and participant of Esoteric Festivals in Estonia.
Organiser & participant of International cultural and esoteric festivals, training seminars and lectures in England.
Volunteer work as a secretary & member of committee at "Alala" Charity, Brighton, England
- Founder, chair, trustee & fundraiser for 
"The Sussex Centre for complementary therapists" in Brighton, England.


2016/17 - currently studying professional astrology.
2015 - "Writing business plan, accountancy basics & opening your own small business ". Info School of humanities & social sciences, Fortis Koolitus OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia.
2015 -"Hot Stone massage". Estonian School of Massage & Therapy. 
2014 - "None conflicting management in small business ". Harju ettevõtlus- ja Arenduskeskus (HEAK), Tallinn, Estonia.
2012 - NCFE Level 1 «Working with Children» Certificate, Brighton, East Sussex, England.
2012 - "Fundraising for community groups", Brighton, England.
2011 - "Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, "BigChi", Brighton, East Sussex, England.
2011 - "The introduction of Social Enterprise", Brighton, East Sussex, England.
2011 - "Social enterprise committee members roles and responsibilities", Brighton, East Sussex, England.
2011 - Painting with acrylics, "Evolution Arts", Brighton, England.
2010 -"Dealing with difficult behaviour" course, "Hangleton & Knoll Project", Hove, East Sussex, England.
2010 - "Event Planning and organisation" course"Hangleton & Knoll Project", Hove, East Sussex, England.
2010  - Sweedish Massage Therapist VTCT Diploma Level 3; «Anatomy Physiology & Pathology for Complementary Therapies» VTCT Diploma Level 3, Brigehton, England.
2010 - "Health & safety in working place""Chartered Institute of Environmental Health", Brighton, England.
2010 - "First aid, appointed person", Cambridge First Aid Consultants Ltd, England.
2009 - EDI Level 2 «Team Leader qualification», Brighton, England.
2009 - "Working with Confidential Information" training, Ofsted, Bristol, England.
2007 - "Opening your own complementary therapy business", BSY online complementary therapy college, England.
2006/2010 -"North America Indians traditions & practices" workshops, Sarah MacLean Bicknell, England.
2001/2003 - Taichi Training course, "Art of sword", Estonia.
2003 - Feng Shui consultant. Advajta Association, Estonia.
1995 - Handcrafts courses. Tallinn, Estonia.
1991/1992 - "Dressmaker-tailor",  Old Town Sewing School , Tallinn, Estonia.

Estonian magazines - "TERVENDAJA" ("The healer"), "NAISED" ("Woman").

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